What We Do At NoMorePest

NoMorePests – The Complete Package In Pest Control Services

NoMorePest is a pest control company that offers the complete package in pest management. We cater to commercial and residential clients and work on a contractual basis where we provide our clients complete protection from pests all year round.

We also cater to clients on a non-contractual basis from time to time. We have dealt with a variety of pest problems in the past ranging from mild and small-scale infestations to large-scale infestations that seemingly rendered the property useless until we entered the picture.


Why NoMorePest?

A pest infestation can cause a variety of problems for the occupants of a property. Pests carry all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria that put people’s health in jeopardy. Pests can contaminate the food, water, and in some rare cases the air of the place they infest. In case of a residential property, not only the health and well being of the residents is put at risk but the property value also goes down if a pest infestation occurs. Also, your neighbors and local council may hold you accountable in case of a rodent or roach infestation that spreads to other properties.

In case of a commercial property, the health of the workers and visitors are put at risk, the company risks a lawsuit from visitors and/or employees, and the business owners may even lose their license to operate in some cases. In some industries, it is essential for the business owners to keep their operations pest free, and a pest infestation may get them a bad rank from the health inspector, causing a drop in their reputation and their profits.

Pests can also cause psychological stress. Certain pests can inject venoms that invade body tissue, and transmit viral, bacterial, fungal, and other diseases to humans and animals. Pests also expose you to potential hazards of pesticides.

In our experience, the biggest factors involved in pest extermination are customer participation and sanitation. Through effective pest control, you can:

  1. Minimize your chances of a pest infestation
  2. Make sure that any infestation can be stopped in its earlier stages
  3. Ensure the health and well being of the occupants and visitors of the property
  4. Avoid unnecessary annoyance and nuisance caused by infestations
  5. Save your reputation and the value of your property


NoMorePest and IPM

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a set of practices introduced by the EPA to ensure environment friendly pest extermination, and to reduce the risk of pest infestation. NoMorePest uses IPM practices and applies pest management strategies heavily focused at prevention and risk reduction. When called about a pest problem, we offer our clients a free quote, set an appointment and generally follow the following four step process:

  1. Pest Inspection
  2. Pest Identification
  3. Pest Elimination
  4. Pest Prevention

These processes begin with identification of the pest problem and are followed by the implementation of comprehensive pest management plan that may involve application of pesticides. We offer the complete package in pest control, and also offer periodic inspections to make sure the remedial measures are working and that a pest infestation does not return.

Contact us and leave the pest control to the pros.

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