Multi Unit Housing

NoMorePest Can Help Remedy Your Pest Problems Before They Begin

Multifamily housing units are at just as much of a threat from pest infestation as single family housing if not more. If you are in the business of property management, and have a number of tenants to look after, you know how important effective pest management can be for the sake of your reputation.

Besides reputation, another important concern for multi unit property managers is the health and safety of their tenants. You do not want your tenants to suffer from diseases brought on by bacteria carrying pests. Property manager also have to make sure their buildings meet the local standards of health and safety. Therefore, you need to have a pest control system in place at all time throughout the year.

Multi unit homes and apartments are at a higher risk of pest infestation because simple negligence or carelessness on part of one tenant can cause the residents of the whole building to suffer.

The common threats in any residential building such as roaches,rodents, bed bugs, ants, etc. are also applicable to multifamily housing units. With so many people living in the building, the number of vulnerable areas is multiplied, and the risk of pest infestation increases. By using customized residential pest control services by NoMorePest, the threat can be minimized.

What NoMorePest Can Do For You

NoMorePest can ensure year-round pest prevention for you. By using IPM standards, we focus on greener practices and make sure all preventive measures are in place and working to their optimum levels. We use spot treatments with pesticides where necessary, and eliminate pests with discretion and without causing any disturbance for your tenants.

Upon first inspection, we not only mark the sensitive areas in the building and the level of threat you are facing, we also identify the type of pests and eliminate them effectively. We identify the source of infestation, and provide you with written reports after each inspection. We also educate your tenants and your staff about how to play their part in pest prevention. In short, we provide the complete package in pest control and make sure that you never have to worry about pest management again.

If you are a property manager, and are handling one or more multi unit buildings, we strongly recommend you hire NoMorePest for pest control. Our residential pest control services are affordable, effective, efficient, and reliable. You can count on us to keep your building pest free and to provide you with signed reports that will be immensely helpful for you for legal purposes.

By marking out the sensitive areas and by making sure an infestation never happens, we will protect your reputation, and will ensure that the health and well being of your tenants is never put on risk.

When it comes to pest infestations, time is never on your side. Certain type of pests can breed at a significant rate, and the sooner you get rid of the problem, the better.

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