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Mobile Unit Pest Prevention Made Easy With NoMorePest

Mobile units, manufactured homes, and homes with crawl space are especially tricky when it comes to pest prevention. The mobile units sometimes have seasonal residents and therefore pests can go undetected in such residential units for a longer time as compared to regular homes.

Mobile homes are not secured to the ground as compared to a traditional home, and therefore offer an extra entry point for different types of pests. Your walls may be secure and your vents may be sealed properly, but if pests can get underneath your house, they can also get in. Roaches, ants, rodents, and termites not only pose a threat to health, they can cause serious structural damage to the insulation, woodwork, plumbing, wiring, and other features of your mobile home. Since the structure is weaker compared to traditional homes, the effects of the structural damage are felt with greater magnitude, and in some cases the home may become unsuitable for living.

The dark and damp environment presented by crawl spaces underneath such homes is also ideal for certain types of insects, and therefore cockroaches and ants breed faster in a mobile unit as compared to a traditional brick and mortar home.

With such a high level of susceptibility, mobile units and manufactured homes need extra attention when it comes to pest prevention. Some of the traditional pest prevention measures cannot be applied when it comes to mobile homes, and therefore you need an expert for pest control in such residential properties. When it comes to residential pest control experts, NoMorePest is as good as it gets.

NoMorePest Answers For Mobile Units

Mobile units need to be treated in a way that no pests can infiltrate them from any point of entry. Food scraps and other waste that serve as the number one source of attraction for pests need to be taken out of the equation, and the eating area and trash cans need to be cleaned properly. It is also important to seal the trash even when the trashcans are placed outside. Cleanliness and proper maintenance will reduce your chances of pest infestation, but will not completely eliminate it.

We use top of the line preventive measures to establish parameters, and secure the walls, floor and ceiling of your home. Furthermore, the crawl space underneath your mobile home is also treated with pesticides so that your floor is also secured.

We can also provide you with guidance about how to prevent pest infestations and how to keep the rodents, termites, and ants away. We provide year round protection, periodic inspections, written reports, and a lot more when it comes to residential pest control.

We specialize in mobile units, and know how vulnerable they are. Therefore, inspections have to be more frequent and the preventive measures need to be stronger as compared to traditional housing. We stick to the practices defined as integrated pest management by the EPA, and perform our services with discretion.

Pest In Your Mobile Unit? NoMorePest Can Rid Of Your Uninvited Guest!!!

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