The Dangers Of Having Rodents In Your Home

There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to have rodents in your home. However, two of the most common reasons would include their highly destructive nature and their history of carrying and spreading diseases. There is no shortage of evidence in this regard, and one example of this is the Hantavirus spread by deer mice.

Rodents that enter your home can be of different kinds, such as the house mouse, cotton rat, Norway rat, deer mouse and roof rat. However, to an average person, they all look the same with a few minor exceptions including their color, size, and the amount of fur they have.

Rodents are usually attracted to food or garbage lying around. If you want to keep them out, you must keep your place neat and tidy. Also, reducing clutter can help in preventing pest intrusion.

Whether large or small, you simply don’t want rodents in your home, especially if you have children around. Apart from being destructive, they can be deadly if they get into your child’s cradle or cot. They can also harm your small pets and even kill them.

Considering the life spans rodents have, they can live in your home for quite a while, which is certainly more than a year. If they give birth to their young, you will have the next generation of them to live with too. The typical house mouse can make your life miserable especially if you live in a large house, as it gives birth to an average of eight litters annually.

Tips For Removing Rodents From Your Home

There are some effective measures that you may implement if you need to get rid of rodents from your home. Exclusion is an effective measure, which includes sealing up all the holes the rodents enter from. Another effective measure is to use door sweeps that will fill gaps at your windows and doors as well as other openings.

People often think that rodents will just go away if they scare them. Rodents never leave once they fancy a place. Scaring them only sends them back to there hiding place and they will sneak out again later to do more destruction and make a mess of your place. You’re only real hope is to call in a pest exterminator.

Always follow the advice your pest controller gives you, and you will help in getting rid of these pests. You will only be given a couple of instructions, which are very easy to adhere to.

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