Cockroach Infestation Bring Unwanted Germs And Bacteria In Your Home

Cockroaches find themselves on a list of most undesired creatures. It’s rare to see just one of them crawling around without a nest of them being nearby somewhere. If you have spotted just one, there is bound to be a whole nest of them somewhere.

Your best guess would be to look into damp areas, such as areas in your basement or under your kitchen sink. It’s best for you to act quickly and figure out where they are emerging from because sooner or later they will show up in larger numbers.

Cockroaches are easily spotted, and although there are few variations they generally have an unmistakable appearance. The well known types include:

  • The American cockroach
  • The brown-banded cockroach
  • The German cockroach
  • The oriental cockroach
  • The smokybrown cockroach
  • The Madagascar hissing cockroach

Cockroaches are known to measure more than 50 cm (2 inches) in length. Tropical species are normally larger. They are easily recognized by their two antennae and six legs, and some may even have wings, although they don’t appear to be skilled flyers.

The female American roach survives for around 440 days while the male lives for less than half that time (200 days). These cockroaches lay 9-10 egg capsules, and each of them carries 14-16 eggs. The brown cockroach lay 32 egg capsules that each carry 21-28 eggs. These are evidently huge figures and they help to explain how cockroaches show up in such large numbers in a very short period of time.

The presence of cockroaches points to two things. Either there is garbage nearby or there is food lying around. Some kitchens tend to have cockroach problems too, and most often this is because of grease residue, which is a major attraction for cockroaches.

German cockroaches are known to typically infest bathrooms and kitchens, and they can survive inside heated structures where food and water are accessible to them. Wherever you find them, you must know how dangerous they can be.

First of all they can carry diseases since they are found crawling in areas where there is waste matter. They can also reach places such as your children’s room and crawl over your infant. They can pass on diseases in this way and they are also known to bite. Since children have tender skin, it’s not difficult for cockroaches to cut through their skin.

Tips for Removing Cockroaches from Your Home

The best means of preventing cockroach infestation is by maintaining good sanitation and eliminating the vacant presence of water, food and harborage. You can also establish permanent reduction in cockroach populations through sealing off harborages. However, if the problem gets too much for you to handle, call in a pest controller. You will need to help out by allowing them to do their work, and follow their advice carefully to maximize their efforts.

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