Structures Without Pest Protection Are Open Season For Ants

Ants have to be one the most resilient pests in the world. They can form a colony just about anywhere and have a natural life cycle of approximately 7 years. Add to that the fact that their colonies can grow to the size of hundreds of thousands, and an ant problem can become your worst nightmare if not handled properly.

Ants can infest all kinds of properties, and are usually attracted to tiny scraps of food that can easily be found near garbage cans and eating areas. It takes only one ant to find a food scrap on your property, and he then leaves a trail of pheromones behind him that leads all his coworkers straight to the food source. They often find a hole or crevice they can form their colony into, and the whole process does not take more than a few hours. If not nipped in the bud, an ant problem can get out of hand easily.

The first reaction of most people when they encounter a row of ants is to stomp on them. Some spray the place with pesticides and some try to clean up the place and remove all possible food sources. No matter what remedy you try, it will be highly inefficient because you will only get rid of the ants you see, and the survivors will multiply in numbers in no time.

The effectiveness of the remedial measures also depends on the type of ants infesting your property. If you do not recognize the type, your methods of pest elimination may remain inefficient or in some cases, ineffective.

Appearances, Types, And Nesting Preferences

Black Ants: These are the most common type of ants and usually make their home in your garden. They burrow in the soil, and on occasion can form their colony in the under bark or in the brickwork. They are attracted to sweet food, and can get in your house to transfer food from there to their colony. Black ants are also referred to as garden ants.

Fire Ants: These are reddish brown in color and are therefore called fire ants. They are much smaller in size as compared to black ants but their colonies are much larger. The fire ant queen can lay 200 eggs per day, and their colonies can be as large as 100,000 ants per colony. Their mounds are easily detectable and are usually in open areas with access to sunlight. Their sting is really painful, and you should call us immediately if there is a fire ant infestation on your property.

Pharaoh Ants: Rumored to have originated from ancient Egypt, the pharaoh ant is a common type of ant in America and in different parts of the world. These ants are different from others, as they prefer to live indoors. They prefer dark and shady areas and usually form their lairs in cracks, crevices, crawl spaces, walls, and folds of clothes. They are of a yellowish-brown color and prefer decomposing food. They carry harmful germs and bacteria from where they last fed, and bring them into your property.

What To Do In Case Of A Pest Infestation

If you clean your property thoroughly and make sure there are no scraps of food or open containers of food lying around, you will minimize your chances of an ant infestation. However, in case of an ant infestation you should call a professional pest control company like NoMorePest. We will identify the type of ants, will eliminate them, and will apply preventive measures. We will also identify the source of infestation and will teach you ways to prevent future infestation.

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