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At NoMorePest, we use the IPM approach to create effective, customized treatments to safeguard your home and offices against all kinds of pests.

We realize that pest management should be an on-going process, a collaborative effort of the steps outlined in the IPM approach. This is why we have created a one-year program that aims at complete pest extermination and prevention of targeted pest infestations. And we won’t be satisfied with the results unless you are!

While we set to work on the infestation problem on your premises, we need your help in fulfilling our targets. All you need to do is adhere to our advice, which will ensure success. With elimination and prevention of future infestation.

The NoMorePests IPM Approach

Our pest management services are applicable to both agricultural and non-agricultural areas. So whether you want to get rid of pest infestation in your home, garden or workplace, you will find that our pest control solutions are a perfect fit for you!

co2Our all-inclusive pest management process includes:

Pest Inspection

Sighting a single pest doesn’t create the need for pest control. Our pest experts and technicians are well-versed in assessing the pest elimination needs of your home and office area. They carefully examine the premises to detect the reasons for pest proliferation. They conduct comprehensive inspections to find the environmental and structural issues that may create conducive conditions for pests.

Their findings play an important role in future prevention of pest infestation in your homes and offices.

Pest Identification

It is imperative that we monitor and identify pests correctly. The right information enables us to explain why you got the problem in the first place and it helps in taking appropriate control decisions also. The more we know about the pests, the easier it is for us to keep them away from you and your loved ones.

Using the IPM programs, we get correct, current and comprehensive data about the life-cycle and environment of pests of every kind possible. This information is used in tandem with the latest approaches to pest control to create the best possible pest management strategies to suit your situation.

Pest Elimination

At NoMorePest, we manage pest damage at your properties using the most economical means. This means that our pest control methods pose very little danger to the people and environment in and around your building.

Our technicians and staff create customized control plans based on the results achieved in step 2 of the IPM process. We effectively target silverfish, ants, spiders and bed bugs etc. We know exactly where they appear in your home and our services are available all year long to eliminate them and give you and your loved ones a healthier, safer environment.

You can trust us to always provide the most environmentally responsible methods of pest elimination that work all year round.

Pest Prevention

Pest management is an on-going process. This is why, at NoMorePests, we believe it is important to stay up-to-date to ensure continuous protection. We follow up on our jobs with year-round monitoring and communication to ensure the effectiveness of our pest control services.

We will provide you with complete documentation of all the services performed as well recommendations to avoid any future pest issues.

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We can design personalized service treatments to fulfill the pest control needs of your property.

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