Stop Pest From Lurking Within Your Schools Walls

NoMorePest uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices in schools and educational facilities to prevent pest infestations and to eliminate pests if an infestation occurs. We realize that the children at school need to be protected not only from the pests but also from the pesticides.

Therefore we utilize pesticides judicially and only when needed. We also adopt extra preventive measures to minimize the chances of any of your students coming in contact with the pesticides, and if possible quarantine the area where the pesticides are used.

By entering a contract with us, you will ensure effective pest control and prevention throughout the year. We will first determine the type of pests that are most likely to infest your school, and will then make sure that we eliminate any sources of food, water, and shelter for such pests. By making the environment unfavorable for rodents, bugs, flies and similar pests, the chances of their infestation can be minimized.

We will also perform periodic inspections, and will provide you with detailed reports in writing for documentation purposes.

The safety of children at your school is your responsibility; by hiring NoMorePest and by using IPM practices for pest prevention, you will be ensuring effective pest control and will never have to worry about any of your students coming in contact with a pest or pesticide ever again.

How You Can Play Your Part in Pest Prevention

When you hire us for pest control, you effectively outsource your pest management responsibilities to us. However, you can still follow some of the basic IPM guidelines by EPA, and can ensure that the school and its surroundings are not a favorable habitat to any of the local pests. You can use basic pest prevention tactics such as:

  1. Keep all kinds of vegetation, shrubs, and wood mulch away from the school’s structure. The least distance between the structure and the shrubs should be half a meter.
  2. Walls, floors, and pavements must be inspected for cracks and crevices, and if any cracks are found they should be sealed immediately.
  3. The school cafeteria should be cleaned daily, and the same goes for dirty dishes and utensils. If food scraps are left lying around, they will most definitely attract rodents, ants and other kinds of pests.
  4. Garbage cans and dumpsters are also high risk areas when it comes to pest infestation. The garbage should be disposed of regularly, and the garbage cans and dumpsters should be cleaned thoroughly after the waste is collected and disposed.

How We Will Ensure Pest Prevention At Your School

  1. Once you contact us for pest control, we perform a thorough pest inspection and also evaluate the risk of infestation.
  2. We use spot treatments of pesticides instead of a wide scale application.
  3. We also work with your staff to educate them about their role in pest prevention. By focusing on pest prevention, we make sure that a pest prevention never happens and even if some kind of pest overcomes our preventive measures, the infestation is small scale and easily taken care of.
  4. If some kind of pest is spotted on your property, we identify and eliminate it immediately and apply preventive measures to reduce chances of future infestations.

Hire Us and You’ll Never Have to Worry About Pest Problems Again!!!

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