Property Management

Expert Pest Control Service Takes The Stress Off Managing

Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, a pest problem can be quite a headache. When your tenants and the residents of the building start complaining about pests, the overall value of your property may decline, and you may be held responsible for it.

A pest infested building is a cause of concern for the whole neighborhood, and the buck always stops at the property manager’s desk when it comes to pest control. As a property manager, you are expected to have some basic knowledge about different kinds of pests and how they can be prevented, but an actual pest infestation calls for the help of professionals and that’s where we come in.

Our trained, experienced, and qualified IPM pest control technicians are equipped with the right tools necessary to detect, identify, eliminate, and prevent all types of pests. We render our pest control services discreetly, and only involve the tenants and the residents where necessary.

Record Keeping And Documentation At Its Best

We understand that property managers have reports to file and records to maintain, and have legal obligations when it comes to keeping the building pest free. After we perform the inspection and pest identification, we present you with complete and thorough reports. These reports contain details about:

  • the nature of the pest
  • the intensity of the infestation
  • the source of infestation
  • the actions carried out after detection and identification
  • the preventive measures undertaken after elimination of the pest
  • suggested preventive measures and recommended course of action for the future

Working Together With You, Your Staff, Your Tenants And Residents

We adopt an IPM approach when it comes to commercial pest control, but in some cases, it is necessary to involve your residents/tenants in pest prevention. If the practices of one or more of your tenants/residents is causing or adding towards the pest problem, we have to inform them through you to stop such practices. Similarly, in some cases all members of your staff along with everyone who lives and/or works at your property needs to be educated about pest prevention. When needed, we take everyone on board, educate them, and make sure you never face pest infestation again.

Enter A Yearly Contract With Us And Get Started

We offer custom pest control services to property managers. It is strongly recommended that you get an inspection and then enter a yearly contract with us to truly benefit from our pest prevention services. We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly pest inspections. You can also choose to benefit from our pest detection and elimination services without entering a binding contract with us.

For A Pest Free Environment And A Little Piece Of Mind!!!

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