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Customized Commercial Pest Control Services by NoMorePest

Organizations from different industries have different requirements when it comes to pest control. Depending on the nature of your industry, the structure and surroundings of your building, the region where the building is located, and a number of other factors, a variety of pests may infest your place of work. There are three main reasons for you to keep your workplace pest free:

  1. You have to comply with government regulations
  2. You have to ensure that the health and well being of your workers and visitors is not in jeopardy
  3. You have to maintain a good reputation for your business

Pests like bees and rodents can also do structural damage that can cost you a lot of money. A large scale infestation will result in the whole place being quarantined and sprayed with strong pesticides, which may put production on hold and is most likely to attract a lot of negative publicity for your company.

By hiring NoMorePest for effective pest control, you can avoid all such costs altogether, and can ensure a stress free, productive environment at your workplace where everyone is assured that pest infestation will not be a problem.

How Industrial Pest Control Works

When you contact NoMorePest for pest control, we set up a time and date for inspection. Our staff then performs a thorough pest inspection, and maps out the vulnerable and high-risk areas for pest infestation within and around your building. Some of the common high-risk areas include cafeterias, bathrooms, loading areas, kitchenettes, dumpsters, waste disposal areas, and storage areas.

If any pests are found during the inspection, they are identified and eliminated. We also apply extra preventive measures on all the vulnerable areas, do spot treatments with pesticides, and teach your staff how to adopt IPM practices. A little care in food preparation and consumption, sanitation, and waste disposal goes a long way when it comes to pest prevention.

Cost Effective and Customized Pest Management

After the first inspection, we present you with a detailed report, and recommend a pest management plan to you. If your building is at a higher risk of pest infestation, we will recommend weekly inspections, and in most cases, a monthly inspection will suffice.

There are a variety of services that fall within the category of integrated pest management (IPM) and your business can benefit from most of them, but not every organization requires every service we have to offer. Therefore, we come up with customized pest control programs for each of our customers. Again, the first inspection is the key to determining your pest control needs, and after that we present to you a customized plan that caters to your every need. In this way, you do not have to pay for services you are never going to use, and end up with a unique and cost effective pest management system especially designed for your company.

No matter which industry you belong to, if there is a pest problem in your building, you can count on NoMorePest.

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