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If you are an office property manager and are responsible for the maintenance of commercial office buildings, you must already be familiar with the threat posed by pests in office environments.
The first and foremost threat caused by a pest infestation is to the health and well being of your staff, tenants, and their visitors. Pests carry a lot of harmful bacteria with them that can be transferred to human beings through touch or through the air. Depending on the type of offices in your building, the visitors may range from the elderly to little children, and any bacteria or infection they catch from your building can not only tarnish your reputation, it can also land you on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

The second threat caused by pest infestations is the possibility of structural damage. Rodents and vermin can cause damage to your plumbing, wiring, ducts, and other structural features of the building, while termites can eat through the wooden features of your building.

The third threat is that of bad smell. Most commercial office buildings use a closed ventilation system and the same air is circulated through the building. So if there is a pest infestation or a dead rodent somewhere, the whole building will start to smell bad.

How NoMorePest Helps

We start by performing a thorough pest inspection in highly vulnerable areas in your office building. The vulnerable areas include the cafeterias, janitorial closets, storage rooms, bathrooms, shipping/receiving area, and trash compactor/disposal areas.

If the inspection indicates a pest infestation, we identify and eliminate the pest immediately.

We also determine the level of threat in different areas within your building and apply preventive measures to reduce the chances of a pest infestation.

Given your building’s structural features and surroundings, some pests may be more inclined to infest the building than others. We educate your staff about how to prevent certain pests from making themselves at home in your office building.

We follow IPM (integrated pest management) practices, and focus heavily on prevention. If pests do not find food, shelter, water, and a nurturing environment in your office building, they will try to find a habitat elsewhere. IPM practices are all about how to save your property from a pest infestation and that is why our clients do not have to worry about pest problems once they hire us.

When the use of pesticides is unavoidable, we perform spot treatments and make sure the pesticides are kept away from everyone in your building. In extreme cases, certain parts of your building may need to be quarantined but we do not let it come to that through effective and efficient pest control services.

We usually enter yearly contracts with building managers and perform weekly or monthly pest inspections throughout the year.

We provide written reports that help our clients take care of their legal obligations regarding commercial office building management.

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