NoMorePest Help Eliminate The Susceptibility To Pest Problems

Our commercial pest control services cater to a variety of organizations in the hospitality industry. By using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices, we identify and eliminate all types of pests, and help our clients meet the federal and local regulatory requirements. Through effective pest elimination and prevention, we make sure that your organization’s reputation remains untarnished.

We understand the need for discretion when it comes to pest control in the hospitality industry, and our staff is trained accordingly. Whether you have a small bed and breakfast or are managing a five star luxury hotel, keeping away pests such as roaches, rodents, and bed bugs is not just a legal obligation; it is a matter of your reputation. By hiring NoMorePest, you and your guests will be able to sleep easy at night knowing that your pest problem is being taken care of, and that you do not have to worry about a future pest infestation ever again.

We realize that a visible pest problem can cost you a lot of customers, and can give you a bad reputation that may cause significant damage to your bottom-line and revenues. By entering a long term contract with NoMorePest, you outsource your pest control to us. Depending on the nature of your establishment and the intensity and type of your pest problem, we offer customized solutions and adopt preventive measures that keep your establishment pest free.

The NoMorePest Way

Once you contact NoMorePest and report a pest problem, we schedule a date of inspection as per your convenience. Given that your organization belongs to the hospitality industry, we recommend you set a date and time when the number of customers present at the site is low. However, our staff is trained to work with your staff, and knows how to deal with your customers. While other companies may put your customers in panic mode, we carry out the pest inspection and elimination quietly.

Whether you own/manage a resort, motel, hotel, B&B, or a travel lodge, we apply effective pest prevention measures after pest elimination. For clients that have entered a yearly contract with us, we determine dates for periodic inspections, ranging from once a week to once every three months. These inspections help us keep your establishment pest free.

After every inspection, you will receive detailed reports in writing, so that you can show them to regulatory authorities if needed. We offer custom pest control services, i.e. you only acquire services you need, and you only pay for services you acquire. There are no hidden charges or complicated billing to speak of, and the yearly contract is one of the most reasonably priced packages in the market.

By using our pest control services, you will have one less thing to worry about while you try to gain a greater market share in the hospitality industry.

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