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NoMorePest Professional Approach For A Pest Free Environment

At NoMorePest, we follow the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices to identify, eliminate, and prevent pests in healthcare facilities. We adopt an environment friendly approach to perform effective and efficient pest control.

Healthcare facilities need to keep a pest free environment, not only for sanitary reasons but also to fulfill their legal obligations. The integrity of the medical services provided at a healthcare facility can be compromised if there is a pest infestation. We ensure the utmost discretion when detecting and identifying pests at your healthcare facility. We also exterminate the pest, teach you ways to prevent pest infestation in the future, and apply pest prevention measures so that you can run your healthcare facility with complete peace of mind.

Discretion Is Our Forte

Some healthcare facilities such as public and private clinics and hospitals also have in-house patients. The presence of a pest control squad indicates to these patients that there might be a pest infestation, and the thought alone can be quite distressing.

Our staff is trained to take care of your pest problem with discretion. We visit the facility, perform the assessment and inspection, identify and eliminate the pests, and present you with a report. There is no hassle, there is no unnecessary noise, and we keep interaction with patients to a minimum. Our staff works with your staff in a way that your patients are not disturbed by our presence. We take care of business silently and you do not have to worry about pests ever again.

We Offer Customized Pest Control Services Health Care Clients

Most of the healthcare facilities we serve have entered a yearly contract with us. Some require us to come in once a week for a regular inspection, and others want us to come in once every three months. Some require inspection and application of pest prevention methods on a monthly basis. The time and date of inspection, along with several other aspects of the pest control service are customized for every client’s unique requirements.

We also present you with detailed reports and documentation after every inspection, so that you may present those documents to federal authorities and accreditation boards if and when needed. By using a customized set of services, you only pay for the services you acquire, and take care of your pest problems in a cost effective manner.

Careful Use Of Pesticides

Some pests can only be eliminated with the use of strong pesticides. When it comes to healthcare facilities, the use of pesticides is usually avoided because they are potentially harmful to human health in some cases. We use pesticides smartly, and in a way that there harmful effects are minimized.

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