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Your Companies Success Relies On Top Notch Pest Prevention

For restaurants, cafeterias, and other organizations in the food services industry, getting an ‘A’ grade is a prerequisite for success. Getting a B or C can be just as harmful for you as getting a bad review by a popular food critic. In the food services industry, keeping your facility pest free is a legal obligation as well as a matter of reputation.

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and rodents etc. carry a lot of harmful germs that can contaminate the food and drinks being offered at your place. In such a case, the taste and quality of your food will be compromised and the health of your customers will be at stake. In case of a pest infestation, restaurants often have to get rid of the food that potentially came in contact with the pest, and therefore lose money on that front as well. In short, a pest infestation is the worst thing that can happen to a business in the food services industry.

Unfortunately, restaurants and similar businesses are always the most vulnerable to pest infestation because pests are attracted to food and leftover food scraps that are plentiful in such places. The use of strong pesticides is also not an option in the food services industry because the pesticides may contaminate the food and their smell alone could scare customers away.

If you are in food services and are having trouble with pest control, a commercial pest control service by NoMorePest is the solution you are looking for.

IPM, Discretion, And Effective Pest Prevention

NoMorePest practices IPM (integrated pest management) to effectively prevent pests from infesting your food service facility. Food service facilities are potentially a breeding ground for pests, but we apply preventive measures that get you an A grade, and help you keep your food products uncontaminated.

Our pest control services are discrete, and we do not draw any unnecessary attention towards your business. By keeping your restaurant pest free, we ensure that the only kind of publicity you gain is good publicity. In case of a pest infestation, our staff will work in coordination with your staff to get to the source of the problem and to make sure an infestation never happens again.

We also provide you with detailed documentation after each inspection that will help you in fulfilling legal requirements. We prefer spot treatments when it comes to pesticides. By entering a contract with us, you ensure year round pest prevention and periodic inspections at affordable costs.

We help you preserve your reputation, help you save money on pest elimination, and save you from the after effects and associated costs of a pest infestation. NoMorePest can be a valuable and reliable ally for any organization in the food services industry.

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