Food/Beverage Processing

Controlling Your Pest Problem Around The Clock Is Our Prime Concern

Pest control is one of the top priorities for Food/Beverage processing companies. The processing, packaging, and storage has to meet international and local standards, and there are strict government regulations that need to be followed when it comes to keeping the food contamination free. The biggest threat that most companies face in the food/beverage industry is pest infestation.

Pests carry harmful bacteria, and if there is a pest infestation at your processing plant, packaging facility, and/or storage area, the pests will most likely come in contact with the food products and will cause contamination. Food/beverage processing, packaging, and storage facilities are highly vulnerable to pest infestations mostly because pests are attracted to food. Such companies are therefore audited and ranked by government inspection teams consistently. A higher rank means a better reputation, and reputation is everything when it comes to the food/beverage industry.

Apart from the damage to reputation, failure to keep up with quality control laws, and product contamination; food and beverage processing companies are also vulnerable to structural damages that can be caused by pest infestations. Furthermore, most of such facilities use a closed ventilation system which means that the same bacteria carrying air is circulated throughout the facility, putting everyone’s health at risk.

With so much to lose in case of a pest infestation, an effective pest management system needs to be in place to prevent pests from making themselves at home at your facility, and to detect and eliminate any pests that may already be there.

If you own/manage a food and beverage processing, packaging, and/or storage facility, NoMorePest is the solution to your pest control problem.

How NoMorePest Operates

NoMorePest provides top of the line commercial pest control services to companies in the food and beverage sector. We utilize IPM (integrated pest management) practices to their fullest potential, and effectively take your pest control and pest management responsibilities off your hands. You can concentrate on the core functionalities of your business while we make sure that you never have to face a pest infestation. This is how we operate:

  1. You enter a contract with us, and we perform thorough pest inspections in your facility.
  2. We determine the vulnerable areas and apply preventive measures to discourage pest infestation.
  3. We identify and eliminate pests as we encounter them.
  4. We perform spot treatments with pesticides, and ensure that no pesticide ever comes in contact with any of your food products.
  5. We educate your staff about IPM practices, and teach them how they can play their part to prevent a pest infestation.
  6. We perform periodic pest inspections to ensure that all the preventive measures are working efficiently.
  7. We provide you with documented reports after every inspection for legal purposes, and are there to assist you when the time comes, that a health inspector is auditing your company.

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